Four Post Lifts


BendPable equipment installers four post lift by bendpakak Four-Post Lifts for storage and maintenance. These four-post lifts use the best construction, material and technology. They also have the best safety features in the industry. Favored by professionals and DIY'ers alike, these four-post lifts are some of the most versatile in existence. They're totally optimized for greater capacity and better performance, improving safety and control during use. They also feature advanced hydraulic systems for better productivity and a longer lifespan. This is even true when used for the most demanding, heavy-duty applications from 7,000-lb to 40,000-lb Capacity.

HD-7P with 100" Height, 100.25" Width, 200" Length and a 7,000-lb. Capacity / Narrow Car Lift / High Rise

The HD-7P is a 7,000-lb. capacity, narrow-configuration four-post lift. This model offers compact convenience, so it also helps maintain an open, fresh appearance in more spacious garages.

HD-7W with 100" Height, 110.25" Width, 200" Length and a 7,000-lb. Capacity / Wide Car Lift / High Rise

BendPak's HD-7W is the standard-width car lift model in the HD-7 series. With a 110.25” overall width and a spacious 100.25” spread between the columns, there’s plenty of room to park most cars and trucks in the lower position. This leaves ample space for you to maneuver.

HD-7500BLX with 100" Height, 132" Width, 224" Length and a 7,500-lb. Capacity / Vehicle and Boat Storage Lift / 82" Rise

Avoid rust, blemishes, rot, weather damage and more with BendPak's longer, extended-height HD-7500BLX boat lift. It's the safest, most cost-effective way to dry dock your boat.

HD-7PXW with 158" Height, 110.25" Width, 224.5" Length and a 7,000-lb. Capacity / Super-Tall Rise / Four-Post Lift / Vehicle Display Platform

The HD-7PXW is a literal giant. This four-post lift is also a magnificent display platform and will effortlessly lift up to 7,000 lbs. over 12 feet into the air! Specially made for dealers, it's perfect for stacking taller vehicles and getting them seen!

GP-9F Package with 89" Height, 114.5" Width, 203" Length and a 9,000-lb. Capacity / Includes Aluminum Ramps, Caster Kit, Jack Platform and Drip Trays

The GrandPrix GP-9F is the perfect home car lift. Its slim, toughened boxed-steel columns are preferred by many for home lifting applications. Maintenance is minimal and easy to perform.

HD-9 with 88" Height, 110.25" Width, 200" Length and a 9,000-lb. Capacity / Four-Post Lift / Standard Width

The HD-9 series of 9,000-lb. four-post lifts contains seven different lifting models. Each four-post lift is perfect for vehicle storage and service, whether you’re working at the shop or your home garage. Each model is available with optional casters, drip trays, jack platforms and more.

HD-9XL with 88" Height, 110.25" Width, 224" Length and a 9,000-lb. Capacity / Four-Post Lift / Standard Width / Extended Length

The HD-9XL is the ideal 9,000-lb. capacity four-post lift for vehicles with longer wheelbases. In fact, the runways are about two feet longer than the runways on the standard HD-9. This 4-post lift variety is available with optional casters, dip-trays, jack platform and more.

HD-9SW with 90" Height, 202" Width, 200" Length and a 9,000-lb. Capacity / Four-Post Lift / Dual Platform / Super Wideable equipment installers Super-Wide-Four-Post-Lift-by-BendPak

To accommodate super-wide vehicles on a 9,000-lb. capacity four-post lift, choose the HD-9SW. The “SW” stands for super-wide, and it’s the ideal four-post lift to double your parking and/or service wider vehicles.

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