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Bend-Pak Lifts:

Platinum Distributor #105, Certified Installer, Authorized For Warranty

BendPak serves more than half a million satisfied customers worldwide. Our award-winning Certified Service™ program is how we keep those customers smiling long after the initial purchase of their garage equipment. When the unexpected happens, Able Equipment Installers is your first and final step towards making it work right. Don't hesitate to call for help or an estimate.



Alemite offers a selection of pumps, gauges, fittings and more to meet your fluid handling and dispensing needs. Each pump is designed to deliver reliable, consistent performance to keep your operation running smoothly. Able Equipment Installers is a KPED Distributor. We are factory trained and authorized for Warranty.

EnergyLogic is your leading provider of energy efficient waste oil burners and heating systems, boilers and circulating fans. Americans rely on smoothly running and efficient vehicles. Mechanics, working to keep automobiles running smoothly, must contend with some of the toughest working conditions such as noisy equipment and extreme temperatures. It’s vital for those working in automotive industry to have efficient, reliable heating and cooling systems.



Let Able Equipment Installers help you find your custom solution to your workplace needs with the best technology in the industry.

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